After a car accident, you need to take immediate steps to protect both your health and your legal rights. Sometimes those steps are apparent, and other times not. Did you know that with every accident, a report must be made to the DMV or you risk license suspension? What happens if you are in a hit and run? Or the adverse party has no insurance?

These questions represent just a few of the circumstances that auto accident victims face. While checking on your health should always be the number one priority, we recommend that every accident victim seek legal advice as quickly as possible. Some of the legal requirements, regardless of whether you want to go to court or file a claim, have a deadline of under two weeks from the date of the accident. Without the right counsel, those days could easily pass you by.

If you’ve recently experienced an auto accident and would like to know more about your rights and obligations, don’t hesitate to call The Law Offices of Robert M. Cohen. Mr. Robert Cohen has over thirty-five years of experience with personal injury cases, and he works closely with his of-counsel attorney and licensed physician, Dr. Bradley Kramer. Their combined knowledge and resources will get you back on your feet. Call for a free consultation today.