Class Action – $4,250,000.00

We represented a class of individuals who had their medical records released by a prominent university medical facility to the public without authorization. We were able to obtain a judgment of $4,250,000.#

Real Estate Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duty – $3,800,000.00

We represented a doctor who was defrauded by a development company which promised to build and develop the doctor’s land. The property was foreclosed upon and ultimately lost by the doctor due to the developer’s fraudulent actions. In a binding arbitration, our client received an award in excess of $3.8 million, including attorneys’ fees and costs. #

Medical Malpractice – $3,250,000.00

We represented the plaintiff in this case against several physicians and a hospital for failing to timely diagnose and treat a stroke in a young female which resulted in permanent brain damage and life-long cognitive impairment. We obtained a judgment of $3,250,000. #

Wrongful Death – $2,000,000.00

We represented the decedent’s family in connection with the decedent’s death as a result of a pedestrian vs. auto collision. As the decedent crossed a crosswalk, she was struck and killed by an oncoming car. Neither the cause of death nor fault of the driver was in dispute. However, the extent of damages and liability of the driver’s employer was vigorously disputed. On the day of the trial, we were able to persuade the multiple defendants to make a settlement in the amount of $2,000,000. #

Rear Ender Settlement – $1,670,000

We represented a truck driver/heavy machine operator who was rear-ended in his SUV as he was driving to work in the middle of the night. He continued to work as a heavy machine operator for approximately one-year post-accident. During that time, his back condition worsened. He required neurosurgery to his low back to improve his situation. Our economist opined that he could never work again in any job that required physical exertion. The defendant argued that our client was exaggerating his injuries, proven by his continued work as a heavy machine operator one-year post accident, and that his back surgery was completely unnecessary. The case settled approximately three weeks prior to trial.*

Fraud Misappropriation – $1,500,000

We represented a woman who loaned over $1,000,000 to a racehorse broker. After her death, we were retained by her Estate to collect the monies owed. We pursued action against the racehorse broker and proved that he never intended to pay our client back. Judgment for the Estate for damages, costs and interest exceeded $1,500,000.*

Serious Dog Bite Injury – Structured Settlement Valued in Excess of $1,000,000

We represented a five-year-old child that was playing along the side yard of his grandparents’ home where he was living. A pit bull owned by the neighbor broke through the side yard fence and viciously attacked the child, nearly severing his ear. The matter settled for policy limits and was placed into a structured settlement whereby the ultimate recovery including legal fees, costs and net proceeds exceeded $1,000,000.*

Medical Malpractice – $935,000.00

We represented the plaintiff against a physician and hospital for failure to properly perform surgery, leaving the plaintiff in a lifelong vegetative state requiring 24-hour care. The judgment for plaintiff was $935,000.#

Automobile Product Liability/Negligence Settlement – $850,000.00

We were retained by the passenger of a “tricked out” Chevy Camaro to investigate whether or not her severe injuries (including permanent brain damage and multiple fractures) were the cause of products liability negligence on the part of the automobile manufacturer or instead were the result of negligence by the driver of the Camaro. Even though it was established that the driver of our client’s vehicle was negligent and, despite being unable to clearly establish liability negligence on the part of the vehicle’s manufacturer, we obtained a substantial settlement after an all-day mediation.*

Slip Fall Settlement – $740,000.00

We represented a woman who slipped and fell in a grocery store bathroom, fracturing her leg and shoulder. The grocery store claimed that she was comparatively negligent and primarily responsible for her fall. Through a site inspection, we proved that not only was the bathroom poorly maintained and dirty, but that the maintenance worker/custodian fraudulently maintained the bathroom sweep sheet for years. The custodian had been falsely recording, at the start of each work day, the multiple times he “supposedly cleaned” the bathroom. The case settled after an all-day mediation only a few weeks before trial.*

Pharmacy Malpractice – $700,000.00

We represented the plaintiff against a pharmacy for dispensing a dosage ten times stronger than the medication that was prescribed. We obtained a judgment for $700,000. #

Life Insurance Bad Faith Settlement – $640,000.00

Our client’s husband died under mysterious circumstances when his handgun discharged in his home’s gun room, shooting him through his heart. Our client’s widow claimed his death was an accident. However, the county coroner issued an official finding that the cause of death was suicide. A major national insurance company refused to make payment to his widow on his life insurance policy, citing a suicide exclusion. Through intensive investigation and research, the retaining of multiple expert witnesses, conducting video tape interviews of the decedent’s friends, business associates, physicians, and retained experts, and by producing a powerful video tape presentation, we were able to establish that the decedent’s cause of death was accidental resulting in a settlement of $640,000.00 at mediation.*

Van Rollover Settlement – $615,000.00

Our client was emotionally disabled and residing at a halfway house. Several times a week he was transported by a passenger van owned by a local hospital to participate in group therapy sessions. On the way back to his halfway house, an 80-year-old retiree ran a red light, T-Boned the hospital van, and caused the van to rollover on its side. Our client suffered considerable internal injuries and required surgery. We established that both the third party and the hospital were negligent and liable for the damages sustained by our client obtaining a settlement in the sum of $615,000.00. Such monies were deposited into a special needs trust for the benefit of the disabled plaintiff.*

Medical Malpractice – $600,000.00

Our client lost his wife as a result of medical malpractice during the performance of surgery by a cosmetic surgeon and an anesthesiologist. We secured a judgment of $600,000 for the plaintiff against the doctors. #

Medical Malpractice – $480,000.00

We represented the plaintiff in this case against a doctor for failing to recognize a serious hand injury, resulting in multiple additional surgeries and permanent disfigurement and injury to his dominant hand. We obtained a judgment of $480,000 for the plaintiff. #

Business Fraud Settlement – $450,000.00

Our client was one of three founders in a start-up energy company with zero profits and revenues but with $300,000 series A financing. We represented our client as plaintiff against one of the co-founders for diverting corporate assets and opportunities away from the startup and into his own company. Litigation was extensive. Shortly before trial, defendants offered a $150,000 settlement, which was rejected. On the day of trial, we were able to settle for $450,000, an amount three times the original offer. #

Medical Malpractice – $400,000.00

We represented the plaintiff in this case against a surgeon for failure to properly perform spinal surgery which resulted in the need for multiple additional surgeries and permanent disfigurement. We obtained judgment for $400,000. #

Dental Malpractice – $400,000.00

We represented plaintiff against a dentist for failure to properly apply cosmetic veneers. This malpractice resulted in plaintiff’s multiple mouth and jaw surgeries and permanent disfigurement. We obtained a judgment for $400,000. #

Breach of Contract / Fraud Court Judgment – $400,000.00

Our client gave her life savings to her live-in boyfriend to build his career. Although the boyfriend agreed to repay every dollar that was loaned, gifted, or otherwise provided to him, he instead squandered the monies in Las Vegas and failed to make any payments to our client. We obtained a judgment in the amount of $400,000 against the boyfriend. #

Medical Malpractice – $350,000.00

We represented the plaintiff in this case against a physician for failure to diagnose breast cancer which resulted in permanent disfigurement and the need for multiple additional surgeries. We obtained a judgment of $350,000. #

Business Fraud Jury Verdict – $337,000.00

Our client was a woman who was conned into investing money with a third party based on the advice of her friend and investment adviser. We represented our client in a suit for fraud against her friend for giving investment advice in return for illicit payment from the third party. At trial, we obtained a jury verdict for $337,000 –$112,500 in lost investment and $225,000 in punitive damages. #

Wrongful Death Settlement – $325,000.00

Our client was the decedent’s wife and son who lost the decedent after he was released from the hospital without a psychiatric evaluation. He was originally admitted following a suicide attempt. Two weeks later, the decedent committed suicide. We obtained a judgment of $325,000 on behalf of the decedent’s family.#

Dumpster Incident – $320,000.00

Our client was a retired senior citizen approaching 80 years of age and was actively earning extra money returning cardboard and other recyclable items to a recycling center in the Inland Empire. During one such trip, a forklift lost control of a dumpster and the dumpster ended up landing on our client’s leg, fracturing it. Our client was hospitalized and had surgery to his leg to repair the fracture. The defense disputed liability and argued as to the extent of damages. Approximately two weeks before trial, the matter settled.*

Fall from Apartment Exit Landing – $300,000.00

Our client, in her late 70s, was exiting her apartment building through a stairway exit that opened onto an external concrete landing. The landing had two steps down to the ground. There was no railing on the landing steps. Although the defense initially disputed liability and the extent of our client’s injuries, we established that she would need a knee replacement and accordingly resolved the matter for $300,000.00.*

Motorcycle Accident – $300,000 Policy Limits

Our client was knocked off his motorcycle by an inattentive driver. The extent of treatment and billing was disputed. We persuaded the insurance carrier to pay policy limits and we convinced the hospital to dramatically reduce its billing thereby affording our client a substantial net recovery.*

Medical Malpractice Settlement – $275,000.00

Our client suffered near-fatal liver failure and required a month-long stay in the hospital as a result of an overdose from a medication prescribed to her. We represented her in a medical malpractice case against the ordering physician and pharmacy which we ultimately settled for the maximum allowable damages in California for pain and suffering — $275,000. #

Medical Malpractice – $275,000.00

We represented the plaintiff in this case against a physician who failed to timely diagnose or test for prostate cancer. As a result, we obtained a judgment for medical malpractice in the amount of $275,000. #

Medical Malpractice – $275,000.00

Our client suffered from severe bodily injuries after being prescribed the incorrect medication. We represented our client against the prescribing physician and obtained a judgment of $275,000 for medical malpractice.#

Medical Malpractice – $275,000.00

As a result of improper performance in arm surgery, our client was left severely disabled. We represented our client against the acting orthopedic surgeon in a medical malpractice case and obtained a judgment of $275,000. #

Accounting Malpractice – $265,000.00

We represented the plaintiffs in this case against an accounting firm for failure to properly conduct an audit of a nationally televised sitcom’s production company. We obtained a judgment for $265,000 for accounting malpractice. #

Slip Fall on Wet Walkway – $250,000 Policy Limits

Our client rented a home for several years. She was well aware of the slippery nature of the home’s walkway. Nonetheless, while wearing “flip flops” she walked on the walkway while it was raining. She immediately slipped and fell and seriously damaged her knee. Despite the obvious comparative negligence on our client’s part, we were able to settle for policy limits of $250,000 prior to trial.*

Intersection Rollover Settlement – $250,000.00 Policy Limits

Our client was driving his truck on the way to work and exiting a freeway offramp in Pasadena. Testimony was in dispute as to whether our client ran a red light or whether the opposing vehicle that broadsided our client’s pickup truck ran a red light. There was also a significant dispute as to the extent of plaintiff’s injuries. Plaintiff suffered nerve damage to his shoulder and soft tissue damage to his entire body. He was not hospitalized and did not have surgery. After extensive litigation, the matter settled for policy limits of $250,000.00.*

Medical Malpractice Settlement – $212,500.00

We represented a 37-year-old woman who had a dilation and curettage following a miscarriage. During the procedure, the doctor pierced a hole through not only the patient’s uterus but her large intestine as well, a known but very rare complication of the procedure. As a result, the woman had to have a temporary colostomy, and now suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. With the MICRA cap on general damages in California, the patient was forced to accept far less compensation than she would have otherwise been entitled to in other states. The defendant doctor claimed, and still claims, he did nothing wrong during the procedure. #

Medical Malpractice Settlement – $200,000

Our client was an expert plasterer and fell from a stepladder shattering his shoulder.

Because of the serious nature of his injury he was seen by several surgeons. He underwent emergency surgery, but it was unsuccessful. The surgeon claimed that our client was non-compliant post-surgery, did not follow his instructions and caused his surgery to fail. After an intensive mediation, the matter settled for $200,000.* #

Wrongful Death Settlement – $195,000.00

Our clients were decedent’s four children who lost their father due to a pulmonary embolism. We represented the children in their wrongful death suit against the decedent’s physician assistant who missed the cardinal signs of such a serious and life-threatening medical condition. We settled the case for $195,000. #

Pit Bull Dog Bite Injury Settlement – $180,000.00

Our client lived across the street from the owner of a pit bull. The pit bull rushed our client as she was knocking on the neighbor’s door, biting her on the wrist. Our client underwent minor surgery for the repair of her wrist and suffered extreme emotional distress. The initial settlement offer was $75,000.00. At an all-day settlement conference, through the presentation of various records and photographs and a day in the life video of the plaintiff, we were able to settle the case for $180,000.00.*

Supermarket Trip Fall Settlement – $180,000.00

Our client was shopping in a nationally known chain supermarket. He slipped and fell on liquid that was in the aisle directly in front of the cashier’s station. The defense disputed the fact that the supermarket had actual or constructive notice of the spill. Through discovery we obtained videotapes of the various closed-circuit cameras and were able to establish that just two minutes before our client slipped and fell, an employee of the supermarket walked up to the spill, took note of it, and then walked away.*

Hip Fracture Settlement – $175,000.00

Our client was walking down a friend’s poorly and dangerously designed staircase when she fell and fractured her hip. She was rushed to the emergency room and was unable to work for an extended period of time due to the injury. We were able to settle her case for $175,000. #

Real Estate Fraud Settlement – $142,500.00

Our client was a celebrity real estate agent who sold a multimillion-dollar Beverly Hills property to his buyer. Because of the buyer’s failure to pay our client’s real estate commission, we assisted our client in reaching a settlement for real estate fraud in the amount of $142,500. #

Bar Assault and Battery Settlement – $137,500.00

We represented the son of a famous entertainment personality who sustained a fractured ankle after being thrown to the ground and battered by a neighborhood bar’s bouncer. We secured a settlement of $137,500 against the defendant for assault and battery. #

Dog Bite Settlement – $100,000.00 Policy Limits

We represented a toddler, age 1.5 years old, that was playing in her front yard when the neighbor’s vicious German Sheppard bit her in the lip. She suffered minor scarring to her face and some emotional distress. After extensive litigation we were able to settle the case for $100,000.00 policy limits and such monies were placed into a structured settlement and will ultimately pay out more than $150,000.00 in damages, legal fees, costs, and interest.*

Auto Rear Ender Minimal Impact Settlement – $100,000.00 Policy Limits

We represented a woman that was involved in a minor rear-end fender bender. The damage to her car’s rear bumper was approximately $600.00. Because our client had a prior serious health condition, we were able to argue that her immunity had been severely compromised by the incident which then required extensive hospitalization and treatment for her prior existing heart condition. Ultimately, we were able to settle for policy limits both as to the third-party defendant and with our client’s insurance carrier for policy limits of $100,000.00.*

* = Mr. Robert Cohen

# = Dr. Bradley Kramer